General MP questions?

Im new to this forum and have enjoyed reading many posts about Market Profile. I am in the process of deciding which course to pursue. I think that I have looked into most of them, and am leaning toward JPJTrading. The cost seems reasonable and I like their approach to trading.

I am in the process of reading Mind over market and have read many articles about MP.

I've tried using indicators in the past and don't like the way they are used to momentum trade. Your nearly always in between highs and lows trying to take 1 or 2 points out of the market. I know some of you probably think this is great...but it's not for me.

My question is?...Is JP's course and good start for me, and will it teach me to become an independant trader?

Has anyone taken their course and was it what you were looking for?

Any response would be appreciated.

I was also considering I R/T for my platform and DTNIQ for my feed. Getting MP charts and data feeds seem really expensive, but if that's what it takes, then so be it. Again...some response to this would be great?
If you're looking at taking JP's course then I'm guessing that you're probably looking at trading the E-mini S&P500. What is the cost for the real-time prices for the E-minis + IR/T + DTINQ + Market Profile package on that platform?
DT...I believe that I R/T is $40/month. There is a CBOT $20/month fee. DTN data feed is $50/mo and there is another $35/mo fee for the futures? I think this is everything? That would be $145/mo.

I don't know what I will need with JP's course. Is this an over kill or is this what i need to make things happen.

I know that there are several MP platforms out there, but most are lacking. I know that MarketDelta is very good, but also very expensive.

What are your thoughts?
Jp and Mind over Markets is a great way to learn MP. Jp is a daytrader. You don't need Market delta as 95 % of his core setups are MP generated and don't depend on Market Delta. JP is not a signal service ( although he teaches you what to look for and calls out his trades ) so you can become an independent trader. Good people in there. IRT is a great package and there are others out there. I heard someone has created one for Ninja trader and charges a flat $225 so you don't need to lease anything.

I figure they are about 60% accurate ( rough estimate) so don't expect anything more unless you make the setups better on your own. Folks share new ideas and are helpful. You can make a lot of money at 60% !!!You will find that some folks in the room will be long while you are short so everyone is respectful.

A draw back at times is that there are many opinions so you need to filter that out. Another is the connectivity issues that JP has with his connection. The main benefit is having a "team" behind you to point out things that you may miss on your own and to reinforce the ideas. He will walk you through MP from the beginning.

"Has anyone taken their course and was it what you were looking for?"

I was looking for a longer term view of MP so this wasn't exactly what I was looking for as I already knew the setups but it was still worth it. So many different insights that would have taken me a long time to find out on my own.

Good luck with the journey...I'm not sure how often the course is run..

@Rocky Mtn Trader: That sounds like a good setup and reasonably priced. If you decide to take JP's course then I would find out from him what most of his room use and/or what he recommends as that might influence your decision.

@BruceM: Excellent summary - thanks.
I use Market Profile in Ninja Trader for some time now and i really like it, allot better then some other programs out there. I export data from Tradestation and it gives me months of data and i can combine large distributions.
Here is the website
Flat fee $249

Very much worth it!!
another person you may want to check out is Frank Butera at this site....

Jp follows along what I would call "classic" MP trading while Frank will provide theory and some great distribution concepts. He will develope cluster zones based on MP work and then look for some kind of a setup while in the zone usually based on price action.

I think overtime the Classic MP setups are starting to become diluted as more people uncover the "specific" trade setups and more importantly the tight stop windows. I think that having a good understanding of the concepts will go a long way and Franks price is cheap. Perhaps it may be best to start with Frank and Mind over markets and see if it is something that you would benefit from, then try out JP. Both are great people.

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