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Round Table

Hear ye, hear ye! Gather ye around the round table.

My weekly indicates this is over. The daily, not by a long shot. Sellers seem to have effectively controlled 1369. By my count we have to peak 1376 to keep seeing the sun as it were.

What are you guys coming up with?
completely "by the book". thanx for the input. very helpful.
30.75 was my best fill...enjoy the weekend..I'm out of ammo and that opening range is providing resistence!!
If you where thinking of buying this because it was the minus 5.5 number then here is why that would have been higher risk..:

After the open we sold off to the minus 4 number and then rallied back to the opening range low...this would complete your trade using this method...the fact that we couldn't get above the opening range high implies selling so after we dropped below the minus 4 to the minus 5.5 number then what is the objective since they already tested the opening range? Basically the first trade is many times the best trade until you get down to a minus 8 area...hope that makes sense
Originally posted by ksaieh

what do you think about the 26.5 area?

These are late but may be of value to somebody other than myself...key resistence numbers on the ES

1322 - 23.50

1330- 1332





Seems like the dow is laggard which may imply higher prices....ES and NQ have filled in singles from friday so higher prices may prevail...a plus 8 number off the open print gets us into a key zone on the upside in the ES..we hit the minus 4 - 5.5 zone on the downside but the ES didn't provide a clear volume flush...YM had a better signal...
correction: NQ didnot fill in it's singles from Friday.....
Interesting thing about the minus 8 if it comes is that it will break Fridays I'd like to see a high Tick and volume flush to fade....Ticks made a new low into the minus 1100 area but the ES and YM didn't...NQ now trying to lead down...the tricky part about watching the main markets is how leadership can reverse and quite quickly...I prefer to see what is happening with the volume surges and tick readings sometimes you will see a divergence in the markets and a volume surge in the market thats trying to lead.....NQ just did that on the 10:52 time bar... is this a brief selling climax for a day trader?
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