Trading T-notes with MP

I've read the CBOT MP manual, and Mind over Markets.

Now I've started messing around with MP looking at different markets.

A lot of the examples in the CBOT manual and M.O.M. shows the T-note as one of the trading instruments?

Besides the ES, ER, and YM, has anyone on this forum looked at or traded the T-notes? I'm not sure if the T-note has any underlying stocks that effect this market, so I would think that the T-note market would be very pure and direct? If this is the case, MP would work very well.

If anyone has any information for me, I would appreciate it. Also, is there any nuances about this market that i need to know about.

I've been watching this market for a few days and noticed that it has a lot of volume and moves in good patterns. It doesn't seem to have a lot of chop, yet it moves in a decent range from day to day.

I'm trying to look at all possibilities....

Thank you.

Rocky Mtn Trader. The Profile can be used in any market, but it is a fact that more professional bond traders use Market Profile than in any other product. the bond markets are deliverable and so there is an added element of the basis that one shoule respect and should the cheapest to deliver security change, most likely in the last few weeks of trading of a series then you may find that profile changes however the question as always is to establish what is the dominant trend and trade it in that direction until proven otherwise. As to nuances understand that there is a huge daily arbitrage versus the German Bund 10 year and the flows generated are what delivers the micro trends that you observe