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My Next ES Swing Setup

We're due a retracement from 1441. Sellers gained strong support from a projected buyers 23% pitchfork tine from 1325 at 1360. Sellers aside from some chop battles from past price action and at pivots have free reign to level zero on this arm, where the 78% sellers support tine from 1441 and the 38% resistence grid from 1253 converge. 1325 is your next long with meat for your account and tables. Both buyers and sellers share the same 62% support grids at 1369. Short there and go on price action.

Like I said before I don't use market profile, yet, and until 1325 I'm only scalping half arms, having pulled too earlly from 1410. So if you have relevant short-term numbers I'd be happy to consider them.