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GandyCookie's signals

In this topic we are going to review the financial forecast on forex market.
New Signal EurChf
Price 1.6255
SL 1.6215
TP 1.6295
About last signal
Did not manage to get 15 points to reach yesterday signal.
Order cancelled
New signal GBP/USD

sell GBP/USD
valid intra day
Price 2.0100
TP 2.0050
SL None
Order closed.
50 pp in our moneybox.
Stop Loss didn't put, because my indicators showed almost absolute probability of an outcome of events in our advantage.
All who has taken signal, write in the given theme. For my personal statistics.
In some hours the new signal will be generated.
New order
Pending Order
buy limit EUR/USD
valid intra week
Price 1.5715
TP 1.5760
SL None
Wait our TP
Now we have a good swap
Order Closed. Result: TP and +45 pp

My order closed today.
We have +45pp. And my swap is near 3pp. Nice result.
Thank you for interest to my job.

PS Wait new signal :)
Always love the signal journals. keep up the good work mate! But where is today signal dude ?
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