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ES vs NQ Spread

Hello Mypivots,

This morning I Shorted the ES @ 1251.5 and At the same time- Longed the NQ @ 1841.5 for a spread trade.

ES is up $537.5
NQ is down $260

Thats $269 a contract after com., I have been spreading like this all week and it floats back and forth I short the weaker and long the stronger, it seems to be working well. Has anyone experemented with this?

Hi Joe, thanks for the thread, I have been looking at working out a hedge like this, can I ask what timeframe you have your charts set up and is there a particular amount of move in points between the 2 before you would look at a trade
Joe the other question I have is, 1 point on the S&P =$50, 1 point on the Nasdaq = $20, Do you put 2 Nasdaq contracts on for each 1 off S&P to try to balance out?
Hope you can answer
I am planning to try this too. The CharterJoe not posing any more, well though it is interesting how successful was his experience eventually. Does anyone trade spreads too?
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