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Interesting things - Weekly profile

I thought this would be a good place to post observations on a daily basis or when we see them happen...
Here is last weeks profile...note the high volume area at the 1259 - 1260 area...then the low area at 1264 and then a high volume area at 1275 area...

Anyone watch the yM trade back into it's singles from Friday while the Naz and S&P lagged ? At 2 pm EST..the S&P was down 6.5 points while the dow was down only 7 points and the Compx was down 18....

Dow was the leader and should have been down 48 - 60 doesn't ( and didn't lead) for long... the market rolled over as the S&P was trying to break out of it's 60 minute high after already haven broken it's lows earlier in the day....hope some of that makes sense..

Weekly pivot was at 1260 also..

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The POC for 2 weeks ago was very close to this past weeks POC 59.5, very interesting. Lots of volume at those prices. 1261 is square of nine btw.
I am short ES @ 1261.5 looking for a gap fill.
I am showing a POC @ 1266.75
So far the high volume node of 75 -77 has put a damper on todays fed day rally.....90 minutes of trading left is a long bias is short at the 73 area now....
they smoked me at 75.75.....too jittery
last try for me is at 78.50....
hourly chart is in a nice triangle but does it have enough power to break the top after using
up so much N-R-G ?
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