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Willed Psych Observation

It's amazing when confronted by what we don't want to hear or see how vindictive, rebellious and obstinant the response or attitude. Certainly, this human egoic frailty rears its ugly head, whether cognizant of it or not, every time we put on a trade and mis/manage it.

You want to make money (greed). A position has gone against you and you immediately are in denial that it may, and will likely, remain so; so you keep the position amassing more debt with each passing minute in the hope, motivated by denial 1), and 2) greed, that the position will reverse to at least break even, right? But how many of you actually pull the trigger at a loss near break even?

And so it is in every facet of life, from refusing or sabatoging an answer to a question you're assured the other person who awoke you to a possiblity you didn't want to consider, doesn't have and desires to know. How dare they awake you from your slumber. You'll get even, right?

It's this sort of lack of inner demon reckoning that prop firms use against you, at precisely the moment you least expect it.

My MP question was immaterial; it was the types of responses I was counting on.

Why will trading ruin most who dare enter the field hoping for an edge? Too few have the courage to know themselves, to confront their weaknesses and question what they perceive to be their strengths. A good vast majority of people are no less blind to reality than a babe in a womb never having experienced it.

It's this reason the marketplace exists: to take your money come hell or high water. And you'll offer it, most times without so much as a second guess.
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