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questions about oscillators and long terms [?]

hello ppl

as we all know oscillators work great at range market
it can be few days. weeks and months.
but waht happends in the lomg term?? years??
does anyone has an idea how the oscillators can help us in this situation??
there is one or more special oscillators 4 this case??

i hope someone could give me an answer here or at mail 10x in advance.
guynov: That's a fairly wide ranging question. The performance would depend on the oscillator, the market and the time frame that you traded it in. Generally to get the answers to your questions you would run back tests against the markets that you might be trading and then analyze the results. The key to analyzing the results of these back tests, in my opinion, is to isolate the losing streaks and examine the type of market during this period. If you can identify the start of this type of market then you can switch out of the oscillator or stop trading during that period.
day trading first of all 10x 4 replying my topic.

im a swing trader and day trader it depends on the market.
my question is which oscillator will give me the best results if we will b in a range market? that maybe will b 4 a long time = years.
i think oscillators on years graphs in a range market might show some signs about changing directions in the range like we do it at intraday,days and weeks.
ppl who read this topic pls write what do u think its not a q' 4 day trading, maybe it will help u in the future. 10x and good day
RSI, thats a longerterm bracketing in the ES, RSI works A+ but beware of the strong trending months will send you in the wrong direction. But the problem is unless you are more specific I don't see how anyone can answer your questions. Oscillators work longterm, shorterm, and micro day trading for some and not for others. Just like me and you both could be trading the same oscilator, the same market and the same time frame, and the same side, but over the long term one comes out on top and the other goes bankrupt. I am not trying to be mean but you must answer this question yourself. Of cource some have made millions of bucks with oscillators but most have lost. So the problem lies in understanding the markets AND the oscillator.
The trick with oscillators is nowing when to not use them. Because even with good money mang. buying every time RSI says oversold and shorting every time it says overbought is a sure way to lose. But If you devolpe a system to only do this in brackting markets and then in the bull markets sell @ 80.00 and buy at 40.00 and then in the bears buy @ 20.00 and sell @ 60.00 thats the way to make money. If it were easy enough to just do what the thing said all would be rich, but you have to know the market. I love RSI, have used it for years, but I can't tell you how many times we've done the opposite of what it said to do and made money, you must know your market.
CharterJoe 10x 4 replying too. maybe i dont write my question like i want 2 ask it.i know rsi and some oscillators.but my Q is at the moment theoretic, lets say we will come 2 a range market not 4 few day or weeks but years.i know i can do trades like day trading and swing trading, all i ask if someone know how i take the rsi or any oscillators and use them on years graphs 2 c how the BIG trand in the range market changes(every bar = 1 year).
i have a friend who use cqg and he gets years graphs so sometimes i check the years graph so theoreticly which oscillators would b good 2 use and which values will show me the best results 2 c when the SECOND TRAND will change it direction in the RANGE MARKET?? i dont think the value that we use 4 the itraday,day,week and month will b good 4 the year.
i hope ppl would understant what im asking. all what CharterJoe and day trading said, i understand and i agree with them but its not the answer that im looking 4 8-\ 10x again
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