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SOLD 1273.75,5 POINT STOP.Ill sell more at 1277.00
covering at 1273.25.From a short term Elliot perspective it appears to me to be wave c up of wave 4 or c up of an a b c correction of 1294 to 1262.50.If it hasnt completed already, upside targets might be 1281 area or 1283.50 to 1284.50.The 45 day cycle which bottoms around Sept. 15 should begin to exert some effect next week picking up steam to the downside SEPT.9 -15. Keep in mind all of this perspective is from wildman who dropped 2.5 handles yesterday LOL
buying one at 1272.75,2 point stop
Is the ES closesd on monday?
re entered 1271.25,3 point contract.I was trying to adjust my original stop to 1270.00 but was to late!
JOE,refer to, the globex holiday schedule.Looks like its closed 10:30 ct Monday and re-opens 17:00 ct Monday
covered long at 1273.25. up one handle on the day.
selling 1277.50
Long @ 77, I don't think well see 72.25 again today. Targeting 92!
amazing fill, covering soon tho,(refer to above commentary)
i know but i see a bounce down aroun 1283.75 or so.dam, too slw covering at 1276.50 ...i hope we see it again soon
Nice trades SPQR
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