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eSignal $TICK Chart Setup

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Hello Joe,
Looks like e signal, can you tell me how to set that chart up?

Sure, its a MA on the TICK period 7 on the one min time frame, the black lines are left up to the trader. But its a fairly simple concept, just find one or more extrema points high and low and the market will tend to stay at these reversals points going from oversold to overbought all day, and does very very well in -600 to -750 with extrema tick readings on high volume. Its a wonderful way that my dad found to filter which trades to take on the high tick counts, its not a good idea to fade a trend when the blue line is at 0 but the ticks are at +1200...40 secs gotta go////
Gio said this in the ES 9-24-08 thread to Bruce...


when you have some time would you please explain more on what you are doing or looking for when you say high volume and big low $ticks - such as , what time frame and what index you're looking at

if you've explained this before just direct me to your post

thanks in advance


I too would love any info on TICKS as they are my favorite indicator. But I'll tell you what I look for, that blue line in post 1 which is a 7period MA on the $TICK to hit in the 800's-1,000's and then go with the big tick readings or divergence in the Ticks and ES these setups are close to 90% or better in the times I have used them, it occurs at every turn in the ES about every 1 1/2-3 days. And in normal markets this line will go from +400 to -400 and is very easy to pick other tops and bottoms using a filter or tick divergence, or tick extrema with an extrema.

Something else that works great is searching for Divergence's in the blue line and ES happens about 2-8 times a day on the 1min, and marks most of the big moves in the markets. A blue line divergence is the only indicator I have that can trigger a trade on its on independent of any other indicator, but like anything else it is a better idea to use in conjunction with other things.

you might want to take a look at a freebie indicator esignal has , its called a Tick Line Momentum Osc and its available at the file share

setting up your chart like you do and using the TLMO as a filter might increase your odds

for instance, today on the es on a 1min chart, at 12h24cst the $tick closed 916 and the tlmo was at +4.99 (5.0 is great to have) and volume was at 9k - that would of been a good time to have an excuse to short

for a long, its great to have the tlmo at -5.0 or close to that and $tick hitting negative numbers with high volume

for some reason i cant post or i would post it here for you along with a pic to show you what im talking about



Try a 7 period RSI on the $TICK and when the RSI is overbought go long for a couple of min and if its oversold go short for a couple min, just do what the opposite of what you would do otherwise.

long RSI overbought
11:52 also a TICK divergence going on at the same time.

And Short overSOLD levels.
Only one at 12:24

Only hold for a short time 1-2 min.

Do you do this during RTH, night hours or anytime?
RTH, 6 1/2 hours a day is about all I can take, and I wasn't aware that the $TICK ran on globex time.
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