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Koolblue's cycle technique. A video I put together

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So here is a video I whipped up to show the basics of Koolblue's cycle timing, it's just showing the tip of the iceberg as far as what can be achieved with this technique. Koolblue has been extremely generous to teach this to all the traders here. I know a few people who signed up for the Saturday chat could not make it so hopefully this video helps you catch up on some of what we discussed that day. Kool does a more eloquent job of presenting the theory behind this, after all he is the originator. Consider this video a crash course and by no means is it the concise guide to Kool's method. Also I didn't make it clear in the video but this works on all time frames and even on tick and volume based charts. The technique is very easy , amazingly accurate and a whole lot of fun. Enjoy.
Main, you count top to top, or bottom to bottom regardless of the candle body(color). The candle body simply helps serve as a'refinement' of the count. Think of it this way. On a 5 min. candlestick or bar it is a representation of the action of a 5min. priod of time.After all the candle or bar itself doent tell you if the top(or low) was made in the 1st min. of action or last min. of action. Hence, you could be off on your count by nearly one bar. Follow? When i discused the candle bodies and position of the candle or bar relative to the one you are using for your count, I was showing how i sometimes add one to my count to allow for the peak(or low ) probably coming near the very last min. of the five min. period represented by the bar or candle.This is a kind of 'advanced technique' that i probably shouldnt have mentioned to someone trying to grasp it for the first time. Of course the simplest way to figure this out would be to look at the next lower chart ,ie: use a 1 or 2 min. chart to narrow down the range given by a 5 min. chart.And ,in fact, in realtime trading, thats exactly what i do!
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Use this link instead,,,

then click the link that says "download" to view the fullsize video.


Thank you for this I appreciate it

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