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Multiple Monitor Day Trading Computer

Hey everyone, new to forum here and trading in general. I'm looking for a new multi-monitor computer for day trading and general home office use. I came across [url][/url] and wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with them. I called and spoke with Jared and he was very helpful so I think I will going with them, but just wanted to ask around here first. Thanks for your help in advance!
Well all you need is 2 video cards with 2 monitor plugs and it's almost standard now, my PC has 2 video cards and I have 3 monitors and I may add a 4th one in the next months.

So this is something you can find anywhere of course if you don't know a thing about PC's then I suggest you buy one with the video cards already installed as you need to have drivers installed for each video cards.

Good luck (800-557-7142) one computer runs up to 12 monitors starting @ $999.00
lovinthetrade: seems to be overpriced compared to the rest and what you need/want. Also try building your own from
You might start by listing what you want / need, then shop around for someone to build it for you. Also, the charting software you plan to run may influence your choices. For example, a heavy application such as Tradestation will take a lot more computer than a lightweight app. like NinjaTrader.

Most traders tend to way over do the hardware side. (After your 4th or 5th iteration [system upgrade] you will get over the H/W infatuation.) I am running an Intel 3 Ghz dual core processor with 1 video card (dual monitor) and am using 10% of the CPU capacity, in fast markets the machine runs around 18% to 20% capacity.

Also, I suggest you avoid Vista, and stick with XP pro.

PS... these processors run hot, make sure to get a box with good ventilation (big quiet fans).
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