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Globex 10-02-08

sold one at 1162.50, 2.5 stop
Ill bail at 1157.50 if given the chance
Out at 1157.50, plus 2 there... up 5.25 for the day. See, Margie? The slower less volital globex session seems to hit proj. s closer with less overshoot or under shoot . Cycles , same thing! Now i can go into the morning session with a little cushion (at least for the first trade)
The Globex gives you time to see the trades before they happen. The day session for me sometimes can go too fast. I see it once its already over. Or I get a bad entry.
LOL, well uve seen how bad many of my entries are also ...Same reason. Its not always like that tho. last few weeks have been extrordinarily volital. That wont last forever..
order to buy 2 @ 1151.75 just hit 2.5 stop
wow, out at 1.5 and 2 es... up 8.25 today... watching
whew, need to unwind ... Getting breakfast.. see ya soon
Hey Kool,

Can you check my work?

Both 5min and 1 min were oversold. Went long 1152.50 (7.5 pts from EMA). Proj 1155.75 using 8:31 up candle. Bailed at 8:40 due to expecting cycle low from counting 8:31 thru 8:35 candle.

Is this right?
Dam, your going to uot do the master! Iagree in all aspects. Very good!ENTRY COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER ,but that can come from avg. like u did , maybe from a down ward price proj. or cycle or maybe a combination of the three.
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