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Amazing Daily Targets on ES

As you well know all I've stated during the last many 'moons' ago has all come true, from the Shangai index ( when it was flirting at the heights) to oil(include RBOB, Gas, Heating oil), corn, beans, wheat, US dollar, US index, CAD on and on.

Even my downside targets for ES & YM, which I knew from long time ago. The question was when not how low?? And nobody knows exactly when.

I even through for free "time" aspect which can add thousands to your trading on a weekly basis.

Now,for 1 week I will give you the up and down targets I use to get my many, many, many points.

Last week ( October 6-10)my targets produced 595 points on the ES, 5183 points on YM and 2,593 on TF. These are points not tiks. I trade these targets everyday.....these are not 2 pts and out jump up and down....this is the big picture...the game. And volatility is great because the targets are even bigger.

This has nothing to do with fibs, vectors, elliot wave ( too confusing to me), waves, extensions, retentions or whatever you know is out there. Its in no book or forum or seminar. It's my mathematical formula that uses a time aspect along with numbers in my program. ( NO GANN OR SQUARE OF NINE, I'VE NEVER READ A GANN BOOK).

I DON'T PREDICT HIGHS OR LOWS, JUST TARGETS THAT WILL REACH UP OR DOWN. YOU have to determine if the market is going up or down or hand holding, I don't teach trading, but if you know how to trade then it really is easy.

I will only give ES.

So, after the open look here for you ES targets for the day and enjoy your profits.


Originally posted by pips2007

It has nothing to do with volatility, or 3 day range or hourly figures. All volatility does is give you bigger targets.

I trade these with confidence as I know they hit time and again. Simon and Buffet don't tell expect me to do the same.

Sideways days may be constrained but usually 1 hits both sides and 3% of time range is so constrained nothing happens. Who cares..the other days are 'beautiful.'

We got 968 and till close gave 1016. so it was an easy 73 pts...let me say that again 73 pts or 25 plus another 48 pts = 73..magic math.

As you can see we getting the rest on globex...1030 gone and mabye be get to 1060...

I was expecting 1030 to hit but the run up only went to 1017.

Let me give you some "Bootsy" math. 1030-1017=13 pts....968-13=955.

Low on the retrace was 954. NO MORE EDUCATION...WAITING FOR SIMONS CALL.

Targets tommorrow....just take them and make money....

Good night.

Thanks for your reply
Originally posted by pips2007



ES: UP:968,1030, 1060
dOWN: 918,855, 830

This was for 10/13

On this day the ES opened @ 942.5

942.5 +25=967.5 (968 rounded)
942.5 +87.5 = 1030
942.5 +117.5 = 1060

942.5 -25 = 917.50 (918 rounded)
942.5 -87.5 = 855
942.5 - 117.5 = 825 which is 5 points off for some reason???

How did you arrive at these numbers? The previous days range was 106 points thats close to your farthest numbers 1030 is 5 pts away from that and 830 is 5 points away from it as well in the other direction.

Also the previous days first hi-lo was 85 pts which was close 2 your 2nd set of numbers. This makes since because with given movement it adjusts itself....thanks...I am not asking for hand outs but maybe you could post some more numbers???

But how did you come up with 25??
Originally posted by pips2007

October 13, 2008

TF: Targets UP:568,630, 660

Targets Down:510,457,430

Good luck

Up = +24, 85.5, 115.5 from open
down = -34 (typo on your part maybe?)85.5, 115.5 from open price.

These numbers are very close to the ones on ES, but I am still wondering how you got them??
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