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ES 10-13-08

Up 13.75 so far on the day, looking for lower prices after a rebound.
ok, good 3.5 on that ...up 20 looking to buy one at 957-9
ill be cautious and put my order in at 957.75,3 point stop..(note original proj. was and remains 959.25)
trying to hold runners for 54.25 if not stopped at 67.25...
more IB data problems.....un freakin beleivable!!!
theres the min. proj. .. now if we can turn it at 957.75!
58 even is my final and best..nice call Kool....I'm going over to New York for some Great adventure great escape fun with the kids...busting one out of school early today.....
proj. is now 966 area but ill exit soon as usual!
covering 962 area
well, missed the first touch of 962.25 due to typing ! on the 2nd touch i took a market fill and filled at 961.50
by the way, reason for my entry below the proj. was thats where the 5 min. avg and the 1 min lower boll band were.
1003 now...50 point run since lunch S&P up almost 100
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