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ES 10-27-08

Man, just had an amazing scalp sell putting me up 9.25 as i head into the open... watching
crude @ HOD. It has been correlating positively with the S&P recently
short [email protected] on the uprush... 878.25..stop at 882.25
covering around 873-4 ..looking for 871-2
covered 874.00...,finally a good scalp! 4.5 on 2 es ...up 10.5 waiting for the expected cycle low
Since i have long predicted and awaited the piercing of the 837 low which finally happened i am basically bullish till the election. I would have felt a lot better if my 812-15 number would have been hit tho.Remember the 40-42 hits the week after the election! Dissapointment with a democratic victory perhaps? Time will tell!
well, the low was due at 12:32, but i missed it and thats ok,because im skeptical for some reason... watching
selling one
short one at 876.25.... 3 point stop
have a short term peak at 12;40-41 hope it works!
nope. stopped for a loss of 3...up 7.5 and watching
cya thanks for all the update

yes thursday big day

GDP report