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What am I doing wrong

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Hey Bruce. You need to use the "settlement price" instead of "last"
nothing reconciles here, what is going on?
Hey Bruce - I've checked the figures and I still think that the ones here are correct - the ones that you posted boxed in red.

Do you have the link to the page that you got those figures from? What I think may have happened is that those figures are updated with a 15 minute delay so are almost real time. The bit of text that says "Settlement prices as of..." is just referring to the settlement prices to the right of the ones that you highlighted and not to the prices that you highlighted - that's my best guess so far.

However - I can look into this further if you post a link to that page.
If I go to a daily chart on TS I get the CME numbers and not yours, not throwing stones just trying to figure it out.

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I think that I've worked out what the difference is. You're looking at the symbol E6 and this site shows the symbol EC. Trying looking at the symbol EC on Trade Station and see if those numbers tie in.
Hi bruce,
instead of calculating,or running for the right rate,try this site,of course you have tho register,its a that gives every end of the day all the pivot points,camarrila points,fibonachi pivot points ,and more,good luck
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