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ES 10-28-08

selling one @ 873.00 might H&S pattern

missed lot

never ever i will listen to me

next mini low comes in at 11:36
That GAP just wants to close...

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ES Gap
Terrific trading Kool. Pretty soon you won't be able to afford to keep your real job. LOL
ill sell any spike up to 861 and change!
vol spikes at 853 should be like a magnet to the market (for a while!)
short one at 861.50... 4 point stop
mini low + sell order?

dont get it kool

ill cover any move near the 856 area or slightly higher
sorry , i misspoke, friend.. hard to trade and type!
Originally posted by redsixspeed


took it awhile but we made it

next 976.50
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