IRC Rooms

Is this old news or are there some good rooms still around?
Good question - not sure if there are any good IRC rooms left. Anybody here hang out in an IRC room anymore? A few years ago I was active in them and they were good but not sure about now. I know that a lot of traders go to PalTalk rooms which have more features than the IRC rooms but are not as stable and crash more frequently.
I did a little independent research... looks like othernet has a few depending on what you trade... I've found #patterns and #daytraders to have a good amount of activity.
Thanks for the feedback gooph. I think that #daytraders has been around for a while. The one that we used to hang-out in was #emini - not sure if that's still there - some of them are hidden so you just have to type something like /join #emini to get into them and they don't show up when you /list all the rooms. Apart from Othernet there was another IRC server called Financial Chat but it was notoriously difficult to connect to and I only succeeded once or twice.
the enthios room was a great room

dont know if enthios is still around but i honestly still use his universal method and, with success i might add

if fact, i nailed the vpoc long trade this morning on a long trade on the es @ 905.75

ask rich from rich's ttt , i posted the trade live on yahoo im with him and jands
Also #tradingspace on othernet is a great room. A lot of active sentiment traders in there.
whats othernets server url?
H, Iam not able to get in any chat rooms at Can any one help ? Thanks ([email protected]) skype topcat275