Virgin Point of Control (VPOC)

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Definition of 'Virgin Point of Control (VPOC)'

The Virgin Point of Control (VPOC) is a Point of Control (POC) that has not had a trade at that price since the day that that POC was formed.

Say a POC is formed at a price of 1120.00 on Monday. On Tuesday the market trades above this price all day and forms a POC at 1145.00. On Wednesday the market trades above 1145.00 all day and forms a POC at 1165.00. On Thursday the market trades in the 1150.00 to 1170.00 range.

So the situation on Thursday is that the POC's that were formed on Monday and Tuesday are VPOC's because their prices have not been touched since they were formed. However, the POC created on Wednesday is NOT a VPOC because the market has traded at that price since it was formed.

The Virgin Point of Control is sometimes referred to as the Naked Point of Control (NPOC).

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