Trading Environment

There’s no sense in denying it, the markets are chaotic and unpredictable; sometimes more so and sometimes less so, but you have to admit that the chances of knowing where the next tick will be are one in three. It’s important to not allow yourself to be unduly influenced by the sense of uncertainty that can prevail over the marketplace. Uncertainty can breed fear, and a frightened trader has no business being in the market. Depending on your personality, you may be easily swayed by the market action, becoming stressed out when the markets are particularly volatile. It's critical that you minimize feelings of stress and uncertainty so that you can trade calmly; being objective in your mindset will enable you to improve your performance. One source of anxiety for some people is the actual physical environment in which they trade. For some people, the disarray of their workspace can grate on their nerves and be a hidden source of stress. Make sure that your physical environment matches your personality. Doing so will enhance your trading performance. People differ in terms of how orderly and tidy they prefer their workspace. Some people don't mind a workspace that is disorganized. They feel it has a casual and comfortable, homey feel. But others find it extremely bothersome. They feel stressed out when they have to work in an environment that is not organized. To them disorganization means chaos, and chaos is associated with stress. Which type of person are you? Do you prefer a neat and orderly workspace or do you care? If you do care, it is vital that you take steps to arrange your workspace. Make sure that it is clean and orderly. Remove all items from your desk and anything that interferes with you focusing exclusively on your screens. You'll find that by keeping the area neat and orderly, you'll feel less stressed out and in control. That said, other people find an orderly appearance equally distracting. They find such an environment sterile and uninspiring. They would rather have items around their workspace that inspire them. For example, placing pictures of their family and friends by them reminds them why they are motivated to trade. Having a few of their favorite trading books by them also gives them a sense of security. Rather than being sources of distraction, such items make them feel comfortable.

I once visited with a trader who had the most unusual trading environment I’ve ever seen. When I entered his trading room, I was surprised to see that the walls were painted black. There was black flooring. The ceiling was black with sparkles in it. The illumination in the room was from track lighting. On one wall there was a built-in, refrigerated beer keg. Naturally, I wanted to know why his trading environment was so unusual. His answer was that he felt most comfortable in a cocktail lounge. He allowed himself one cold beer to help him relax while trading. He was disciplined and an excellent trader. I had to admire him as a man who knows what he likes and knows himself.

Whatever environment you prefer to work in, it is important to make sure that it matches your personality. If a disorganized workspace bothers you, then it is important to take active steps to clean it up as soon as possible. Unless you do, it may serve as a hidden source of stress. By taking steps to match your environment to your personality, you'll trade in a calm, objective mindset.

The more you shy away from learning to control your emotions, the more you will lose your personal funds.
When trading, you must focus on the work of the market, as well as on getting results.
To me, trading environment is my domestic hub, my tiny study, where I have placed literally 5 screens and a couple of plants. The green colour of the vegitation makes me feel calm while I am watching how stocks are being traded on the market, listening to business and political news, and surely doing my work as a developer. Whenever my girlfriend enters the room, she tells me "You are trapped in this programming and investing world, your hub is going to end our relationship", and adds "Well, I am happy that you took my advice about placing the plants" in the room. Even though I am a beginner investor, I am feeling that I gotta be confident and sometimes a bit reckless when I trade.
It's very difficult to change the environment
Create whatever environment that you feel calmest in. Trading when under external stress is a quick route to capital loss.
Absolutely agreed .
I trade in my backroom no noise nice calm and serine with a view to focus only on the charts .
I live in the countryside which is a huge bonus
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I live in the countryside which is a huge bonus

Tell me about it. Though on a working farm so can still get quite noisy. Seem to be able to block that out ok though.