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Globex 11-17-08

Just sold 861.25 after the open and covered at 2.25 on the session, had a proj to that 856.50 but no courage to ride it ouy cause were so oversold here. I expect an important low to be formed this afteroon on Mon. or early Tues. It better,because there is an hourly projection now down to 716 but it will be negated at 904.25. Just got a 1 min proj to 861.50 and put in a sell order there for a quick scalp, since i believe we will see 847.50 at a minimum Mon. I notice the 1 min boll avg is around there also
well, i finally made it back, and i see the market also got to that 873.50 number. Strange that it never quite got to the 847.50 number though. Still think it will this morning sometime. just went long one only at 855.75, looking for 858 area,probably bail around 857.50
Man, that come close to my usual 3 point stop but im still alive and holding... now have a 5 min proj to 863 area.
stopped for a loss of down 0.5 handles and watching. Remember i called for a trend up to 873.50 then a move back down into the open? That appears to coming to pass.
Do you show a gap @ 3am on the 15min.?
I'am missing some data. Thanks for your help
No problem, friend.
well i have an order in to sell at 858.25 FWIW
order cancelled ...watching
what is it 9:15 we get some numbers coming out?
stopped at 859.25 ..loss of 2.5... down 3 for a lousy globex session ... c ya on the ES thread!