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The 'reverse' cycles

For those of you using Kools tools cycles, remember that cycles dont always have to be the pretty upside down bowl shape, where the right side is slightly higher than the left side. And remember the cycle end simply means its going to be a peak,not whether it'll be higher than the cycle beginning or ending.Same thing wth a low. the bowl sitting on a table shape,if you will. Heres a couple examples of what i mean . A TO B gives #1 to #2 gives #3 and so on.
Kool thanks for sharing. This was one of the hardest concepts I encountered when I started learning this. You would expect price at a cycle low/high to be lower/higher, when in fact, it can actually take place at a lower/higher price. Good stuff.
Below of course is the' normal bowl cycle that we all love.
Very cool..KOOL ! I'm currently digesting your other article too////I think the
website should flash a banner or something to notify a visitor of new articles etc.....Would that be a tough one for you Guy? Not sure what the best approach is on that
But most of the time ,its not that easy! So get in the habit of looking at 'reverse' or 'ugly' cycles too! They can be truly beautiful!
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