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This group isn't an educational service per se. The record is phenomenal for their systems and they seem to be lowkey marketers. I asked them if they could provide a few references and they replied "no," also saying most of their businsess comes from referrals.

If you join, the broker charges almost $10.00 contract round turn which isn't chickenfeed, but not a big deal either if those returns are achievable.

I was curious if anyone could share live account results instead of the hypotheticals they advertise.
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i have been aware of their service since 2003

they are legit--

a few caveats--

a few of their portfolios have blown out in the past (forex--so i would NEVER trade just a forex portfolio)

anything beginning with 15K is solid

COUNT on 30-40% DD from their recommended starting account size every 2-3 months; one way around that is to capitalize with an extra 50% in the very beginning and once you have a return of 50% roi--take the extra out and then roll with the true performance numbers and regular dd's on the way to good 15-20% roi% per month

another caveat--you will be charged for adding and sizing up--but it is all relative

finally, minianalyst does great in strong sustained intra-day trends and when the market is choppy you will get ground down to death until the next surge

best to check your account once every week and not get emotional

be comfortable with his detailed monthly stats and drawups and dd's and you have a nice 100% mechanical (strategy runner) method although pricey--but this is one time you get what you pay for

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Final comment.

In the askatrader forum posts some members speculate that the best 'entry' into possibly investing with minianalyst would be when in the particular portfolio you are interested in investing with is in a 20-30DD (from highest equity high) you then begin investing (which theoretically is a safer entry in an equity high pullback).

Which, by the way, minianalyst recommends.

You would of course have to be in contact with them or the broker so as to potentially 'time' this entry or simply get on their daily 'video' email update and time it yourself when they are displaying daily/weekly results.