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Globex 12-03-08

Hey gang! well my views as expressed on page 25 of the es thread(es 12-02-08) are pretty well known. looking for a top wed. and possibly tonite, since this is technically wed.'s action. Just went long 2 es at 845.25 looking for a cycle peak in the 7:45 time frame.I do however have a projection down to 843
I wonder how high we push for this "top"
who knows? i have to let the market tell me that
that's for sure lol
Remember im long term bullish from the 739 low till we get closer to the cycle low mid Jan. but i feel a decline and possible retest may be in store first. IF we would have gone a tad lower than 813 and cracked 800 i might have been satisfied ... but it didnt happen.
When you say long term you do mean after January??
since 1 min projection is currently 847.50 ill exit 846.75 if given the chance, besides i have to go to work tonite.
No, when i say 'long term' i just mean longer term charts like daily charts. Im still in the mode that were in a bear market!
Kool you have any kids???
out both at 846.75, plus 1.5 on each... up 3 on the day. Gotta get ready for work.. c ya in the morn!
seem like we want 825 before market open
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