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Can anyone confirm this Gap

I have a gap in my overnight data at 889.25 and 889.50....anyone else see it on the one minute.....are they rolling already and December volume is messed up...?

I don't like overnight in general but we are fairly close to resistence and YM is hitting up there a good short might be played

Thought I'd point it out
anyone daring to try this at 94.50..nice spike for entry...where are you globex traders tonight...I need ya me out here on the shorts
Bruce, I'm a newbie and don't usually make comments on trades, but after watching the Time & Sales in the afterhours market, it really looks to me like someone is really buying these levels, every little pullback is met with buying. I am wondering if someone is accumulating prior to tomorrow's possible news on the auto bailout plan (I think a decision is expected tomorrow, and if a go, this market will definitely move up strong)
Only my very humble opinion, I'm tempted to take a short, but it just looks like it wants to go up too much still.
Now some selling is showing up...maybe they've been pushing it up so that they can short at a higher level...don't know, but watching.
Thanks you have gaps on your data ? I'm short form 94.50 and 96 even...first gap is at 92.50...perhaps I've been suckered in by my crappy IB data...wouldn't be the first time.......that 96.25 was the start of my first key zone as posted in the Volume thread...well see.....I think I'm gonna need some luck here...this trade can't be this
Bruce, I don't show a gap on my charts, but your 96 entry looks good right now. I can usually read the afterhours market a bit better than I can tonight for some reason.
Good luck with your trade!
On CNN right now, saying Conceptual agreement for auto your shorts.
oh this overnight is rude...I really hate it....thanks for the feedback
I agree, some overnight sessions can be extremely difficult, I just think this auto bailout hanging in the balance is making it a bit harder to read...traders speculating on the outcome. Larry King was just mentioning it on CNBC that they've reached a conceptual agreement, but very little reaction so who knows?
usually when I have data issues I can do a refresh and these hallucinations pass...this low volume in the overnight may be playing tricks on me but I still have that resistance...YM hit up at the same time....interesting at best!

These quick spikes and then nothing....strange world the overnight is..
bruce I show the same gap...I marked it off on my chart shortly after it happened @ 17:36. I didnt see your post or I would have responded sooner
wow...that took care of both of 94 and then towards the 89 maybe