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Globex 12-15-08

Evening all, hope you had a chance to review the update, for what its worth!
And if you did, this open is no surprise at all!
l @ 81.50
ha ha , same idea here, pal ...same price too!
I had gone long x 2 @ 64.50 on Friday, just closed.
no gimme gap fill here im afraid
ill be real conservative here and cover 884.00 if given the chance.
1 min currently projects 882.75(the boll avg)
hope we get that chance
moving my stop to 79.50...will take my lumps
Monster trade, Jack! Congrats!
price proj seem to be calling for another stab at that 893.50 area, but were so overbought we may get a little pull back first. Taking a nap see ya after the open! (ps: a decline to 883.00 would not be surprising)