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Less than a penny trading

Hello, I wasn't exactly sure where I should post this, so I picked the most suitable forum. I'm sure some of you may have done this, it's where you trade stocks that are less than a cent a share, and rather high volality, sometimes 1900% changes. For instance, I have seen one stock that would jump from 0.0001 cents a share to 0.01 cents a share. Basically, this translates into 10 bucks turning into a thousand. Some of these stocks do this once to several times a day. For instance, one stock with the ticker name ADZR fluctuates pretty regularily between 0.0001 and 0.002, which would be 200 bucks. I personally have some money in this stock.

However, there seems to be a downside to this, The volume of these stocks are not very good. It is very difficult to buy and sell these stocks. The good thing about these stocks is that they are usually very reliable and very predictable, the strategy in this would seemingly be to get people interested in this stock to the point where you could stimulate the volume and get a higher liquidity. I've been playing around with this strategy for a while now, and my greatest obstacle seems to be volume.

If any of you are interested in throwing away a few bucks at the chance to make a couple hundred or thousand, perhaps you could help me spread the word about these kind of stocks, get more people interested.
By the way, I'm pretty new to stocks, so any advise on day trading would be helpful as well.
yes, right now I have only a few hundred bucks to work with. Thanks myptofvu, for the comment.
No need to apologize Madnock - it's good to question all the angles and learn why traders aren't doing what appears to be an obvious way to make money. You need to make sure that you don't break the rules and end up in trouble when you get started.

The best advice that I can give you is to formulate a strategy and then paper trade it. Even if it doesn't work you'll learn why it doesn't work and it will be the first step to becoming (eventually) a successful trader. Good luck.
Thanks day trading.
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