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No baby yet!!

Well it was suppose to be delivered yesterday morning due to the size and the breach position. WE get there at 9 a.m and they do an ultrasound and the baby has moved into the correct position so the Doctor abandons the idea of the C- section for now.

My poor wife was all ready to have it done so she was disappointed. Her other labors where over 25 hours ( with no medicine - au natural) so the c-section I guess was a welcome procedure.....not to mention the planning we had done to get family up here and the kids set up.....etc

Oh well, nature will take it's course. I know it sounds like I'm complaining and I guess I am...but I'm over it now.......why am I looking for longs today when we had that nice drop off the MP high volume node at the 866 area on Sunday.....

Have a great day today

Hey Bruce - I'd forgotten that you were an expecting father again. Congratulations!
I hope that all goes well. Let us know the results when he or she arrives.
Hey Bruce hang in there, our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Congratulations will be in order soon. Maybe we will get your luck.

My soccer team is slow in forming. Girls team so far. 1 midfielder only. Need some strikers and and wingers.....

It's great news...children are the best thing god or spiritual being to some, ever gave to us. More people should realize this. All the best.

So now you will have another one to teach trading!!!!

God bless.