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Stock market, and America says the new President while giving Trillions to the Foxes that got us in this mess!!!

Why not buy all the banks for pennies on the dollar......instead of giving them Trillions!!!

Now lets us think for a minute!!

When I look at the recent debacle in the stock market and the banking system, it remind me of the Frank Zappa song:

"Bobby Brown goes down."

That's What America and Britain have been have succumbed to. Listen to the song and see how appropoi it is to Wall Street and the Government...then you will understand.

If you listen to the lyrics it resembles exactly how the American Business Leaders and Politicians have treated their own people in the last 28 years. "Bobby Brown" was recorded a long time ago, but a musician could see the corruptness, greed and foolishness in the
economy, such a long time ago.

Actually, Zappa saw in 1974 or was in 72 through "Uncle Remus" what America would become....pity nobody took heed. Henning Murray bases his system on Pi and harmonics and octaves!!

" Getback...Payback"..James Brown on the "Sugarman" show way back when.

Some Musicians really know what will happen 30 years down the road, but we do not heed their song....Song of the wind, dazed and confused, good times bad times, one nation, Cosmic Slop, America eats its young...on and on.

Along with music, read "Winter is Coming" and Strauss and Howe....FREE by the course to buy or free trial. Hi ho Silver!!

You can make a lot of money listening to true musicians, geometry, Pi, Time and price and 50%. Now spend time looking a those charts and don't consult your broker or financial advisor, especially if he is an MBA, CPA or CFA....and the like.

Any market is nothing but an octave moving at various degrees. You have to know which degree and scale its in. Once you grasp will be on the Trader Monthly as one of the most richest traders.

Personally, I like "Knee Deep" by Funkadelic and "Beautiful Girls" by Van Halen and "Incident at Neshbaur" by Santana.

A lot of harmonics present. Find your own tune.

Good luck and Remember April 19 or is it the 16 for Downtown "Bobby Brown."

"Its the end of the world as we know it...and i feel fine!"...R.E.M. 1987

"Time, Time, Time is on my side, Yes it is"

"How sweet it is to be loved by you"

Who? Time

Yeah "Time".....Jungle love....hold me up!!! Think I want to know you

"Song of the Wind"..............time is endless.

Trade well sleep well

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