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RSS Feed for Daily Notes

We have implemented and are testing an RSS Feed for Daily Notes. More details are available here:
[edit]*** link removed ***[/edit]

If you have any comments or problems then please post them as a reply in this topic.

[edit]Admin: Link removed because this page no longer exists or this functionality is no longer available.[/edit]
I just received the following comment about the new RSS:
guy -

just thought i'd drop a quick line regarding the RSS version of Daily Notes ... very cool

obviously, i've seen the little RSS all over the internet, but never really thought much of it till i saw it on your site.

downloaded a reader, added your link and BAM! i was readin' it! man, it's super quick. i clicked on each of the four Dailies and they popped up like it was nothing. i've got high speed cable interet access, so it's not ever slow anyway, but this was pretty cool.

any thought of moving the archives to RSS ? any thought of extending the archive further back ?

anyway, dunno how the RSS affects your work, but i enjoyed the novelty of it tonight

take care -

Many thanks for the comments - always nice when a bit of work is appreciated.

The problem with adding the other archives to RSS is that it would slow down those users with slow connections or dial-up. However, going forward, the archives should remain on your aggregator on your desktop and so you should always have local access to all of the Daily Notes.

Hopefully that will be a solution.

Thanks again for the comments
I use Rogers Yahoo which is fully functional with RSS. It does not recognize your link and I cannot find the gold XML shortcut. Any suggestions?
Hi Lobby,

I am trying to get it to work with standard Yahoo but so far no luck. I see that some other people are also having problems with Yahoo as an RSS reader (not sure if that's the same as Rogers Yahoo) and so I'm working on that.

I will post here when I have a solution for you.

Do you have a link to Rogers Yahoo? - I will try it out and see if I can solve the problem.

Thanks for letting me know.
I do not know if it will work for you but here it is.

No - it doesn't work for me. I'm guessing that it's the same problem as standard Yahoo so I'll keep working on resolving that then ask you to try again - thanks for the update Lobby.
Okay, I seem to have isolated one problem: Some RSS aggregators have a size limit, however, their error reporting doesn't tell you that it's because of the size of the Daily Notes feed that they are having a problem.

So I will work on this problem over the weekend and hopefully modify the feed so that it just returns the most recent Daily Notes page and that it also has an option at the end of the feed (ala: ...dnrss.aspx?num=3) where you can request more days if you want.

I will post here with more information when available.
I've modified the feed so that it only returns the most recent Daily Notes page. As explained in the previous post you can add ?num=X (where X is a number bigger than 1) to retrieve a number of previous days from the feed.

Note that some RSS readers will give you an error if you retrieve more than 1 day's worth of data because they can't handle more than 1 day's of data. If you wish to see more in your aggregator then you may need to change to a different aggregator.

I have tested this on the Yahoo RSS feed and it now appears to work.
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