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Support and resistances levels

Can anyone help me how to draw resistance and support levels on a chart that the trading day has just started?

i need to see the support annd resistance levels of the day to trade in bewteen, etc sell when it hits the resistance level, buy when it hits the support level

Are you needing S/R areas? I would suggest reading the Sq of 9 thread. What market are you watching?

maxitronix: What charting software are you using?
Im looking at the singapore morgan stanely index (simsci)

currently using this local charting software,

which is very lacking , it cannot draw support and ressitance lines automatically, i have to connect lines manually.

I would dearly like a charrting software that can automatically draw support and resitance lines that includes Simsci index

But the one im using now is the cheapest at $120 sgd per month.

Sorry im very new to the forum could you post the link to Sq of 9 thread thanks and regards, Timothy
oh yeah i forget to add im trading the futures of the simsci

What do I look for in a charting software? The guy who sold me the subsciption is currently out of town for a week and the simsci rose like 20 points from last week's rally on wall street.
I've been using eSignal (free trial) for a number of years and am happy with it inasmuch as it's the least bad of a bad bunch. It uses JavaScript as it's language for its indicators which is the most widely used computer language in the world which is good. It also has a ton of indicators available for it (both commercial and free) which is a good thing and you can easily find S&R indicators for your chart and drawing lines on the chart is very easy.
I have been quoted $196 USD per monnth on e signal,Thanks day trading i'll try the free trial and if it's good i'll subscribe full time.

and yes it has simsci
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