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Magic T

My trading hero has been for years buzzy Schwartz. And he has always talked about the magic T in his book pitbull, I have searched for this before and never found anything, until today here is the setup....

Its just a simple count method. Its really amazing how simple trading (but not easy!) how do we make it soooo hard at times?
Good link, can you summerise it as an article so that we all can be on the same platform
Sincerely appreciate your posting this. Great article. I had been looking for information on it myself.
have you ever found any additional material outside of "PitBull" on Buzzy ?

Originally posted by BruceM

have you ever found any additional material outside of "PitBull" on Buzzy ?

Just his interview in that book the new market wizards, World Traders cup (whom had still held the record for most consecutive trader in the top 3 for many tournaments) Sabrina Partners the hedge fund he used to run (nothing special or abnormal there though) other than that just some random things on the web...why, have you?
He was at a few of LBR's Ft. Lauderdale seminars in the late 90's or early 2000 I beleive...Never found anything on it though....lbr is having a free seminar tomorrow.......see Dr. Bretts site for the link
This looks like Kool's time cycles.
Yes I too feel that way Lordalfa
Yes almost the same thing, its just a count of time up/down then projected into the future. W.D. Gann did this on all of his charts that own of his. George Bayer used to do it in ellipse's form and not time which worked a lot better imo....
Terry also does a weekly analysis at
thx mmoehrin...
Terry called for a top in the S&P in late 2007 back in 2005-2006 using his t theory. It is all there on his site.
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