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ES Apr 23, 09

2 quick observations: 1) the breakdown from the top was a run at the leg and it held by a tick. That means it doesn't have to find a bottom and we're still in a bull to make a top somewhere.

5 waves starting now. Go.
I got 37.25 fill on my long-awaited 37 hold from last Oct. I wanted to see that. We got a quant cont. RSI buy and 37 support. Now we can run up a couple hundred points.

I'll tell you one thing: with what's going on these days right out in the open, were it not for robots, the entire system would shut down.

Now have yourselves a cheesburger, a bible and a good day.

I'll take that with mustard, onion, slaw, chili f.f's & pepsi
then a banna split
I dumped it like everyone else when 35.50 didn't hold. That double top at your praying point up there Red broke hard and bounced at another double bottom. But my 37 doesn't look like it's weaving right. At first it looked like a first-time favor support coming from the north to south, and it still may, but... I don't know.

I should have held pre-market to 823 like 'ole Mr. Meat lol and I agreed on.

I need more discipline.

I faded 42. Bears own the resistance fib grid.
Hey he got one right. 823 target. They just took out a hundred million shares out of the market.
Stop & reversed 42 target 48 double bottom for a 62% retracement off of the fourth wave of the bear impulse 3rd.

Bears for me are hard to read upside down lol
I made my money back
short 46 the duration. here's the bonifide 3rd. make some money.
5 second chart, 1620 tick, 40 minute - check it out
For those following, and I may be talking to myself, hell I don't know, I have a third wave throw over at around 823 area where there's decent support. I'm GTC this one. But for those who hold Elliot and his waves dear to your hearts as I, then you know to look for failed fifth waves . That'll happen before the bounce so I'll keep you updated.

I'm gobba tone the babbling down here and concentrate on my work.

And there's rarely room from another man's ego when I'm around. That's just the way it is.

Holler at ya, DT, Red, Joe Six Pack, Short Bus! & Meat. kikki
I see what they're up to. They're working on a "W" for a double top. Those bots are dangerous I'm telling you. Had me dazed thinking about all that money.

I had it racking up to, son. blast it
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