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15 minute Deadly, One bar projection, What deference to give "closing ticks"?
Bruce, 15 min deadly is the projections based on 15 min chart. Because it is usually accurate.

1 bar projection is a single bar projection which is the minimum that the projection must hit before it reverses.

High closing ticks is an indication if the next few days will determine a massive sell out.
Thx L.A., JUST A FEW ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: The 15 min 'deadly' is often deadly accurate , but nothing is ALWAYS! Just an amusing nickname. Price projections come from the 'initial' move off of a bottom or top before a 'significant' retrace. Some times where a significant retrace begins can be in the eye of the beholder! A one bar projection ,therefore is the bare minimum amount at which the market is expected to achieve! The closing ticks indicator states that anytime closing ticks on the nyse are over 800, then a market decline is imminent within 2 trading days. How much? after being about 70 points much of last year, the average recently has been more like 35-40 handles.note that this is not a timing tool, but more of an early warning indicator which may confirm already existing analysis.
Thank you for the above clarifications. Are there charts showing the 1 bar projection on the Website?
Thanks to all

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