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Varition of Pauls 2 to 1 with V.W.A.P.

I am borrowing from Paul's system I really like his 5 period ma one open and one close. I am watching a 144 tick NQ. Here is a simple list of things I am watching next week. It still leaves a bit of trader input witch applies to me more than system, but here is what I am looking for.

1) 144 tick NQ with SMA 5 close, SMA 5 open with cumulative VWAP
2) for longs the NQ should be above the middle line (I guess its the VWAP and the other 2 lines are std varitions?)
3) The close SMA should be above the open SMA (I color the close green and the open red and which ever is on top thats my bias)
4) both the SMA's should be pointing up.
5) exit when the open crosses above the close SMA or when the NQ hits the std variation VWAP or when stopped out let me trade this for a few days and I'll find a right size stop.
6) The 30min must be in a up trend ie higher high, and higher low.

Setup #2 for longs
1) same chart set up as number one
2) The NQ is coming off the lower variation of the VWAP on the 144 T and the high should be higher than the last high.
3) The close SMA then climes above the open SMA.
4) does not matter what the longer term trend is.

Trades should be smaller size and for smaller amounts on this setup as it is counter trend trade

for shorts reverse....This looks promising. I now have a filter for VWAP
Paul I really hope you do not mind the title of the thread, I just wanted anyone who liked your thread to get this one as well. I really like your idea of the 2 SMA's its very good, its kept me from a lot of losers this week. Trades I know I would have taken around S/R areas otherwise. Its the best thing I have used since MP, and sq of nine, although I use it in a different way than you have laid out. Anyways thank you
Joe, be my guest! I'm glad it helps. Coupling them with the VWAP looks interesting. Will try to follow it. BTW, the credit for using those 2 SMA's goes to J R Stevenson "Baldy". He occasionally camps out in one of the free Ensign trading rooms.

Well this is the 2nd day of trading this and I thought I would comment on it so far. I cannot get VWAP on esignal but can on TOS.... Redsixspeed> how do you post a chart from TOS onto the thread? I would like to show some charts on this with the VWAP std deviation and some trades I took off it today. It has been doing well, on this bracket day I have been getting a lot less point wise biggest NQ trade has been about 5pts. The NQ has spent most of the day above the VWAP so I have been long on them all day. charts on the way
Can somebody post a chart with a vwap on it? I have tos and I put in on there, but it doesn't look like the stuff I've researched.

The VWAP I was referring to was cumulative VWAP under upper studies....hope that helps
Here's what mine looks like...with Ensign and IB feed.

Click image for original size
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Originally posted by TraderMom

Can somebody post a chart with a vwap on it? I have tos and I put in on there, but it doesn't look like the stuff I've researched.

I need a screen capture software for my charts.

Notice on your chart at 12:58 when the NQ was running up to the VWAP (blue line) which is were most would scalp a short, but if you used the 2 to 1 it never gave a bearish signal but stayed long off the lows where it bounced off the lower line and the 2 to 1 verified a bounce. Cool stuff I actually went long off that and it kept me in even thou we pulled back a bit at the VWAP.
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