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The mix of buyers and obsession with constant upside predilections flips the projections both above and below where quants play their game is the newbie’s suckers-game. It draws them into subjugation of noise as they should be. They will always lose, shorn of real market ideation and experience. Weak hands even held by the hedgers and misinformed fund mismanagers only prove my point. The torn economy bleeds and festers into the “bear rally” where the hope of a throw over is driven by the idiotic variance incorporated into their joke of analysis. While the smart money is erasing gains both long and short, volume shows itself as irrelevant. To trade or invest only obliquely addresses the increase or decrease of ego-driven prop funds. They’ll have their funds slashed when taken out of their penny-anti approach to match the market. To distinguish between both scenarios, having run stops long and short, makes mockery of those that can’t keep up. Market profile devolves into useless drivel as proponents claim profits trading a useless categorical myth. Tomorrow fills in the weekly range with price action back-action irrelevant from buy/sell derivations. The master traders know where they will be, shorting the open rally like a cripple and ignoring self-righteous blather from so called successful traders here. A lot of mix I find here … LOL. Only the masses will be sucked in by frenetic quant buy ghosts. Tomorrow will close down 42-45 points. So, good luck to you bullish bankrupt newbies and the old timer wanna be’s. I’ll be banking and will post my charts with trades! Have so9 @1050, but we’ll hit 666 prior to the rush back to the new highs.
uh oh
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uh oh

LOL red

Hey ES2001, $5 says the ES will make a new high before we get back to 800
Tomorrow will test 960 unless we break todays lows.
O.K. ES2001 now I get it. You dislike traders who use technical analysis. "Throw back" I understand.
I searched investopedia for "throw over" and they don't have that term. Could you explain this term
for me as I am a newbie. :)

it's amazing how some can use so many words to say so little.........SPQR must be a politician!!!
Guess what folks ... I couldn't help myself ... I created that account and impersonated SPQR/Hugo as a joke to see if I could get his gibberish down. Was looking for some entertaining responses ... all for a laugh ... nothing malicious intended of course.

It's actually really really hard to intentionally not make sense when writing polysyllabic like that and talk markets and rant and condescend and seem bipolar etc.

My bad, but was all in fun, LOL Btw,ES2001 is now retired (after the planned 2 posts). Hope all's trading's going well today. I'm taking it lite since I'm rounding things up to head down to East Texas for some camping this weekend and to visit my 97 year old grandmother on her 125 acre farm where she's growing some of those huge watermelons to enter in the anual county contest this coming July. She's a real trooper!
Glad ya got a kick out of it Kool ... hope everyone else did!!