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An interesting book

I stumbled upon an interesting book while surfing Amazon for market related books, something I do with all my 'free time'. The title of the book is:

Vault Career Guide to Hedge Funds

Now, that's not all that interesting, per se, until you look at who the author is. Michael Martinez. Doesn't sound familiar? Click on mmartinez name and you'll see that's the name he gave there. Is that you, m? It also shows that the same gentleman wrote another book called Vault Career Guide to Private Equity. It would be an amazing coincidence if it was a different Michael Martinez.

That all got me rather curious, so I just popped the name into Google to see what I could see. Michael Martinez is also an 'Investment Advisor Representative' for One Resource Group, Inc. Wealth Management, which looks to be his company. I also saw the linkedin link on Google right there, and noticed that this Michael Martinez is the same exact age as that given on mmartinez' profile.

So, is that you, m? Pretty funny if that is you that you'd be advising clients on stock market investing, all the while telling all of us in here we will all give all our money back, guaranteed.

Now, don't take this wrong. I am not 'snooping' and not posting anything private in public here, or trying to start anything. I just wanted to put a face to the name we have all been battling so long with in this vigorous intellectual debate. You posted your full name in your bio, and your website is right there on Google, and your bio, both on your website and on linkedin. If you wanted to be anonymous, you could have just put in a nickname for your handle here, like most do.

So, did I stumble on to who you are and your background? Is it you? Do you really make your living advising wealthy clients about market investments, and you wrote a book on hedge funds, and you truly think all private traders will lose it all? I'm not trying to restart the debate in this thread, we now have a thread for that, but I'm really thinking you've just been playing with us for fun?

If the Michael Martinez I mentioned above is not the gentleman posting here, or if someone is just using his name, then I apologize to the above. And I hope this doesn't cause a bad reaction, because it is not meant to. It's just meant to shed some light on what has been a mystery to all of us.
There is a guy on ET with a similar view on trading, his nick is Traderzones, I believe. This guy has already posted more than 1k messages and in essence, it always revolves around the impossibility of making money in the stock market. I wouldn't be surprised if Traderzones=mmartinez...
No need for speculation. I am neither person. If I were working in an investment company I would not be advising people to avoid trading.
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