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I was trying to understand what do the letters D,E,F etc mean and their significance in trading. Also went to the link on market profile videos but was not able to launch the videos. Do they still exist or have they been taken out. If they are still there how do you view them
and finally how do you search for particular topic which may have already been posted before( This would be especially useful for new members who only joined yesterday and are keen to get educated on all aspects of market profile through experience of other traders on this forum)
Each letter D,E,F represents a 30 minute period of trading. With respect to the E-mini S&P500 (ES) this would be each half hour bracket from 9:30am to 16:15pm EST. A letter is assigned at each price the market traded at during that bracket. D is the first bracket, E the second etc. The brackets are then collapsed against the left axis of the chart creating a vertical bell curve.

Where are the links to the Market Profile videos?

Search for a topic by clicking the Search link at the top of the forum and you can then select which forum you want to search in.
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