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When does the next course start?

JP hasn't announced when or if he will run another course. If he does then all of the details will be posted here (and probably in other places as well) as soon as they are known.

I suggest that you register on this forum and subscribe to this topic and that way you'll get an email whenever there's a new post to the JPJTrading Open forum.

Originally posted by guy

I was remiss and never got around to answering this question.

Yes, if you've paid for 3 months, even if they were broken, then you have life membership of the room. i.e. the maximum you would pay is $600 at the current rate.

I would suggest, however, that if you do 1 or 2 months and want to take a break, that you confirm with JP before you do so and that you can rejoin and that this will apply to you. i.e. Don't that this as fact when you read it because it may have changed subsequently.

JP's attitude is that if you haven't picked it up in 3 months then you should be given free access until you do.

What I like about hanging out in JP's room is that he really cares about the success of the members. He admits that he might not be the best teacher out there because he has simply never been a teacher but he knows his stuff and has great ideas and the room is a pleasure to be in.

Post your questions here if you have any and I'll try and answer them or get an answer for you if I don't know it myself.

guy -

thx for the update. i'll keep that in mind if i take other breaks from the room.

have a great weekend -


BTW: the pwd worked for the jpj resources page, but not for the members only forum. is it a separate pwd?
Originally posted by omni72

BTW: the pwd worked for the jpj resources page, but not for the members only forum. is it a separate pwd?

Forgot to chnage the member's only forum password. Just done that now so should work - thanks for the reminder!
JP is in the process of changing the 3-month-and-then-free-for-life policy so please do NOT rely on the postings above which are now outdated.
Next free trial for JP's room starts on 7 Feb 2006. Just go to PalTalk and find the room under the Business and Finance -> Day Traders / Stocks & Bonds category.

Free trial usually lasts until Friday and then a new class starts on the following Monday (13 Feb 2006) and runs for 3 months.
Correction: Next free trial starts on 7 Feb and not 6 Feb. I've changed it in the posting above.
Next free trial, if I understood JP correctly, will start on Monday, 22 May 2006.
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