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Did we lose our KOOL ??

Is the live chat room still going? What happened to KOOL ?
Originally posted by BruceM

Is the live chat room still going? What happened to KOOL ?

It looks like koolblue's last post here was on Jul 23, 2009...

In there he had mentioned that it would be his last posts...

koolblue 8902 Posts Posted - 07/23/2009 : 12:34:14
these are likely my last posts... the above chart was posted yesterday in my room
why the departure...? thanks!
hopefully kool will respond to daytrading's request...
ok...I hope all is well with him and somebody can keep us informed..thanks Stocksster!!
I've found Kool. He's started his own blog. If you wish to follow it you can do so here:

@koolblue - Best of luck with your blog. Let me know if I can help you at all and you're always welcome here if you find time to post here as well.
thanks...what happened to the chat room..? is it still functioning ?
No, pt_emini and koolblue asked me to shut it down.
Kool ... we hardly knew ye! Good luck with the blog, will miss having ya here. Three wild monkey flips to you!
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