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Symetric distribution...

I have volume being fairly symetric today so far in the ES now that we are up at 1049, Triples sit at 1044 so that is what I'm trying to trade for,,,,,that's also the midpoint of the high to low range so perhaps the trading gods will shine down upon this trade
You got 2 sets of triples siting at that level. Interesting
always scares me when someone says the worst is over and posts on Elite mention how the market just "Can't go down"..
Us long time traditional MP players need to adapt to the real world....It use to be we could look to the 60 minute range and a break on both sides to signify a potential symetric that we have volume we can look and it's distribution for a clearer picture of what's really happening
They got real close to running those triples in the AH. You still short Bruce?
no, last runner came off at RTH close...still like the short idea though