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No BS daytrading?

I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of or The second one looks interesting, doesn't even use charts or indicators.
no bs.

subjective tape reading via the DOM.

try it for 6 months and hit or thanks

easyemintrade is one of the very few services I feel comfortable recommending to novice and/or unprofitable traders. Trisha Olgivie is honest and her very conservative methods work if you strictly follow her rules. Fair price, too.
i bought nobs some time ago, it was relatively cheap.
I received an ebook and a link to a large video file to download.
The video had some live market example of the concepts taught in the ebook.

basically this stuff teaches you how trade solely off the dom - no charts are being used.
You learn to read certain behaviour of the market participants just from looking at the dom and making good probablity trades for a couple of ticks.
I didnt feel this was something suitable for me and moved on, but that doesnt mean its bad.
I took a minute and looked into the and ran across a rather extensive set of short video presentations Trisha has put together. I think if you study a few of these videos you will get a feel for her trading style and setups....

She did mention in this video a free webinar she is giving on Oct. 22, for anyone interested they might consider signing up for that....
The webinar is $10, not free.
looks simple enough she uses sierrachart, bottom is MACD then stoch then the squeeze. In one of the video it shows MACD at the default setting so I guess the trick is how you work the whole thing together not base on any special setting.
Yes it is very simple and doesn't require any special software. All the indicators are available on most platforms. Also, she trades instead of selling tricked up indicators to make a living.
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