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Monkey potential S/R levels for 10-26-09

Just tossing out some potential ES price action support/resistance levels and zones that may come into play for Monday ... based on RTH data on a 5min multi-day chart. Open to any feedback, positive or otherwise ... and encourage all commentary and charts that anyone will be looking at coming into the trading day!

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cool MM...we are close on our numbers ...I have 81, 76 and 1091
To follow up ... 1081.25 is the daily mid-pivot with the weekly mid-pivot at 1082 ... just to keep in mind. Thanks for your numbers, will be keeping an eye on them. Good stuff! Btw Bruce, I know you work off of Market Profile heavily ... do you have some charts that capture what you're looking at that you can post? Much obliged if so!

Just scalped the NQ for 8 ticks ... shoulda done it on the ES ... my method: went thru all the Vendor strategeries ... did the old Ben Franklin T-account ... and flipped a quarter. Heads meant go long evidently. After a few beers, it made sense. And if anyone disagrees, I'll leave 'em with this:

Ben Franklin: Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. (btw, that quote's authenticity is highly suspicious ... but I'll roll with it)
And another tossing out with some lines on the ES from a bigger pic, daily time frame FWIW:

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Hi MM, I use the concepts from market profile much more then I do the actual hard numbers. Like many, I'm evolving.... and appreciate the surges in Volume much more then value area numbers etc. At least these surges can help us confirm that some bigger players are doing "something" at the levels. We just can't always be sure just exactly what that "something " is...long or short...

I'm also trying to focus more on the probabilities which are found in a thread Joe started called "Bruce's Probabilities"...that's always the framework now for me. Unfortunately there just aren't enough hard statistics that revolve around MP. I still love the structure it provides though.....we certainly don't need MP to fiqure out that we are range bound in this 1077 - 1099 area or to see which numbers are generating volume...sorry I don't have any great MP charts for ya..and thanks for those charts

P/s. I think DT did a study of coin flipping...I just don't think if he had the good fortune of drinking beer during the study...If I remember the results where not very promising.

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