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Online Trading Academy-good/bad reviews?

Friends of us went to one of their On Location courses (7days class) and came back all excited- told us that as oppose to hotel seminars they experienced in the past, this is the real thing...! they actually let their students trade with their capital.

My husband wants to go now to their London branch.

Our friends took the class in NYC (live there), and told us that they will start trading (stocks) very soon.

I checked their website and they got great testimonials on their site, I wonder if anybody here has experience with their teaching methods?

Don't know their current curriculum these days. I do remember SOES trading for a couple of days in their Irvine, CA shop back when that was their only location. It was started by "the 2 Eyals" ... 2 guys with the same first name (no relations as I recall ... and I think both were former Israeli military ... at least that was in the grapevine whether true or not ... thought they should've been called "Commando Trading.")

Initially they were just a firm for trading stocks and an OSJ of Block, then Millenium, also did some in-house training. They've obviously GROWN!

I also remember giving Mike O'Donnell a ride home when he was just a sales guy there. Now, for a while, he's been their CEO or "Chief Knowledge Officer." He was the one that described his vision to me of creating a university. They eventually got into franchising.

I can't speak to their current educational material, its quality or format. That will likely vary from franchise to franchise depending on who the franchisee is. But I thought I'd at least provide you a first hand account of their history, of where they came from.

Testimonials are great and easy to get. It's best to actually sit down with someone who has gone through their course and materials and is currently trading ... make that "several" someones. And trading "their" money is most likely a "proprietary trading" model. There are a number of different "prop" firms around. Look at the trading platform and tools they offer, the personnel and owner(s) as well as the commission/fees/payout-structure for comparison's sake.
Correction: "John" O'Donnell .. Not "Mike" in my prior post. Mike was a trainer they brought in later. And, as an addendum, I'm not familiar with any of their online training ... just their history and initial training and plans for training growth once upon a time.
tradewise: In this topic you recommend Online Trading Academy and then about 10 minutes later you start this topic asking if they're any good. This makes you look like a shill and will cause people to be wary and mistrustful of Online Trading Academy because of the tactics that you are using.
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