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ES 11-13-09


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long from 1085.00
180m 50 sma = 82
one covered probably way to early at 1086.00... plus 4.5 on the day .holding the other
sorry , just covered the other 2.5 there... now up 7!

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baaaack... and watching
So far exactly i kind of day i had envisioned , except 1085 wasnt the low! Now, can they get that 1096-1098 area? time will tell if we get the narrow range day im expecting...
Another good day of trading Kool. Congrats. Gotta run but one last question. Do you wait for a reversal pattern in the 1 min chart before you enter or do just pull the trigger once the projection is reached provided your indicators are in synch? Thanks.
Just pull the trigger, cause im an agressive trader by nature. A more conservative player would wait for a top or bottom to begin to develop.
I had a great week, this week! I hope everyone has a terrific weekend!!!
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