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ES S/R Map for 11-18-09 (chartless)

Couldn't upload my typical chart pic for some reason. But here's what I've got as potential S/R price levels:

1122 (50% Retracement from '09 low to '08 high)
1113.50-1115 Zone
1108(Wkly R1 Pvt)


Lookin' for any feedback and other analysis, as usual, for coming into Wednesday's session! (Btw ... as I'm posting this, the globex high has been 1110.75) ... with 1109 being Tuesdays RTH session high.

Damn, I like a chart lots better ... offers more price action history for seeing where the price levels show up ... and which may be more significant than others. Oh well.
This is how much i love trading. Sometimes i spend hours just looking at charts , looking at patterns, prices , etc. anyway this pattern has been showing up the past month or two. It always appears right before a big rise. I call it the wierd M pattern. LOL Check it out.
Click image for original size

Dont forget, click on the chart once to see it all, then once more to clear it up. Small range day yesterday portends a decent move today.
Click image for original size
Im not gonna post the down projections ,cause we aint gonna need them! LOL

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Posted - 11/18/2009 : 07:46:06

Thought this might be of interest to Market Profile players....
thanks for those down projection Kool?...c'mon...I want the down outside vertical bar today......TODAY......u guys need to help out my shorts
Lol!..I just covered a short at 1104.75, but truth be told i was looking for 1103 area. Todays action (basically side ways low range mish mash again is completly surprising to me .
did the same thing today Kool...I was waiting for the minus 8 number to hit and it obviously never did.......YET!!last weeks high and that 1100 is stopping this cold on longs for me though...I'll miss that run up if it happens
Im still hopeful for some upside yet this afternoon. But i will say this . I believe yet another day of low range , strongly increases the odds of a large range day soon! imho!
seems like we need a news event to really rock this market ....DOWN!!!
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