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Daily S&P cash market

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We have a rising wedge ahead of some major resistance. Picked up some shorts on ES @ 1108.50...longer term and short some GBPUSD, still long the USD against the major currency's. There is A major top coming possible for a few months. Just my 2 cents but I'm throwing the kitchen sink at it.
Covered 1/2 @ 1088 +20.50 on those...Stop flat on rest. Made 200 pips in the pound. On the above chart the line is snapped in the wrong spot, it shows the resistance above price, in actuality ES had hit resistance.
I think someone posted about a rising wedge in July but it only turned out to be an a-b-c correction......seems like with the holidays approaching that this one might work this time.....I'm following the volume magnets of:

1103 - 1105


Everything else will be just fluff
Thanks CJ!

Great call Joe!! Congrats!...
Click image for original size

remember, click once to see it all then once more,to clear the image up.

Originally posted by koolblue

remember, click once to see it all then once more,to clear the image up.

There's also a scroll bar at the bottom of the image if you want to see what happened earlier without opening another page.
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