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Fibonacci calculator 5257

Gentlemen: The Fibonacci calculator does not appear to work properly for retracements. It is OK for the projections but to get it to work properly for the retracements one has to reverse the high and low entry numbers. For example BBY stock Dec. high is 45.37 and its Nov. low is 38.01 If you feed this into the fibonacci with 45.37 being the high and 38.01 being the low and are looking for the .618 retracement level, the calculator gives you 42.56 which is the .382 retracement level from the high. You have to either use the reciprocal or feed the initial numbers into the calculator using the low for the high and high for the low. It appears that the calculator has no automatic provision to distinguish betweeen a projection versus a retracement and the adjustment has to be made manually.
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Fibonacci Retracement example

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Fibonacci Retracement reversed example.

I created two images of what I think you did and posted them above. I think that the figures are there and calculated as you'd expect them to be but what to one man is a .618 retracement is another man's .382 retracement.

Not sure if that helps?
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